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Vevo security locks, keeping your family safe and secure.

Don't lose your keys. You won't get in without them!

Vevo Security

What's your biggest concern when you are considering new windows and doors? Does security for your family and possessions come top of your list? If so, you'll be pleased to learn about the advanced safety and security features designed into every Vevo product that we install.

Nothing's more important than your family's peace of mind. That's why, whichever window or door style you choose, you can be sure they've been designed, tested and manufactured to resist forced entry by an opportunist burglar.

Vevo window and doors are fitted with the best;

Vevo Locks

  • Key-lockable handles

  • Internal glazing and beading

  • Stainless steel multi-point door locking
  • Laminated glass (optional), toughened as standard on doors

You want to live in a home, not a fortress. That's why our products are designed for the practicalities of daily life - including features such as locking window-handles with push-buttons that allow secure night-time ventilation.

Only our doors and windows have Vevo security locks.

Whilst the standard components used to manufacture our Vevo doors have all been designed and tested to pass the most rigorous security tests, the most security conscious customers may wish to add the option of 'rhino bolts' to further secure the hinge side of the door.